Nuclear Fusion Power is a research company that occupies a two car garage in Arlington, Texas.  We are researching electron confinement configurations for a fusor type reactor.  See http://www.fusor.net/ for background.

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  1. Chris B. Behrens says:

    Howdy! I’m a programmer in Kennedale who was searching around for a polywell blog, and found yours. Odd that we’re in each other’s backyard, nearly.

    In what part of the polywell equation does hydrocarbon cracking fall? Or is that a separate effort?

    • Hydrocarbon cracking is not directly part of the project except for needing hydrogen. However it is now part of the effort to grow carbon nanotube carpets for electron emitter surfaces instead. I have decided that it is easier to electrolyze water for hydrogen. I am not building a polywell though it is in the same fusor classification. The core has been built for a year. The problem is subsystems and right now the temperature in the garage.

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